THRIVE DFT Classic Green 2.0 Front
See zoomed view of THRIVE DFT Classic Green 2.0 Front
See zoomed view of THRIVE DFT Classic Green 2.0


  • Replenishes the skin's moisture barrier
  • Helps improve skin elasticity
  • Skin appears firm/toned
  • Skin appears visibly younger

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30 Applications
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Product Overview

The THRIVE Experience is an innovative, yet simple 3-step system designed to support healthy and radiant skin.. THRIVE DFT = Your step 3 of every day.

THRIVE Cosmetic DFT is a technology driven breakthrough in skincare, and its delivery system is a category creator and the first of its kind!

Designed to infuse the derma (skin) with Le-Vel’s unique THRIVE Lifestyle formula - different from the Lifestyle Capsules & Lifestyle Mix, THRIVE Cosmetic DFT is a skin support wearable and results in a delivery rate benefiting you over an extended period of time.

THRIVE Cosmetic DFT is designed to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, help improve skin elasticity, and provide you with skin support to help you appear visibly younger.

Individuals who follow the THRIVE Experience will have ultra-premium results with benefits including improved health, wellness, and physical appearance.

How to Use

To apply: 1. Clean and dry an area of skin. 2. Peel off the DFT backing and press the adhesive side onto the prepared area. 3. Try to rotate application areas everyday or every other day.

Leave THRIVE Cosmetic DFT in place for up to 24 hours. Combine THRIVE Cosmetic DFT with a balanced diet, proper water intake, and regular exercise.

For premium results, follow the THRIVE Experience and apply your THRIVE Cosmetic DFT after taking your (Step 1) Lifestyle Capsules & drinking your (Step 2) Lifestyle Mix.

Premium Grade Ingredients
Gluten Free
Naturally Derived Ingredients
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